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In our efforts to provide the best academic, career and goal-orientated support for our students with 504 plans and neurodivergent traits we are currently working with educators, faculty and staff at Universities and entrepreneurs across the greater DMV area to empower our students.

Our core mission is to empower students with 504 plans, IEP plans, and neurodivergent traits by providing them with tailored academic and extracurricular support. We believe that by equipping students with the knowledge and tools they need, we enable them to take charge of their education and personal growth.

504Found is committed to building a tight-knit and supportive community that extends beyond our immediate organization. We actively engage students, families, educators, and advocates in open dialogue, sharing resources, experiences, and guidance. Together, we create a network of understanding and collaboration that is central to our mission of ensuring every student's success.

We are dedicated to fostering an environment of inclusivity where all students, regardless of their individual abilities or neurodivergent traits, are valued and included. We actively encourage and welcome diverse perspectives and experiences to create a stronger, more vibrant community.

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